Just be you.

FISO is the umbrella representing internationalisation, inclusivity and wellbeing for students in Eindhoven.

We promote the right for everyone to be themselves and join a group related to their views, identity and wellbeing. We're sure that you can find a group that matches your identity as well.

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Participating Organisations


As part of a Europe-based organisation, AEGEE can also be found in Eindhoven. They have a lot of contact with the sister-associations and travel to numerous cities. Locally, they organise dinners, fun activities and more.

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Within this community, a safe space is provided for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community. They celebrate diversity, and aim to expand their circle of like-minded people while organising events, open for all, focusing on LGBTQ+ themes.

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Described most often as a safe landing spot for new international students, Cosmos provides the voice of the international community on campus. With their wide range of cultures and activities, there is something of value for all students at the TU/e.

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Enter the Now

A community of people who want to reveal the beauty of life by becoming aware of the now. They organise events and workshops focussing on mindfulness, seeking discomfort and the community.

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They are an international, Christian community where people easily feel at home and a meaningful discussion is always encouraged! As a community, they like to have fun activities while the focus remains on talking about God.

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C.S.V. Ichthus Eindhoven

Ichthus is the Christian student association in Eindhoven. On Tuesdays we have a bible study in small groups or a lecture about a discussion topic with all our members, which we end with a drink in our own association building. Next to our regular Tuesday evening activities, we offer a diverse range of activities to make the most of our time as a student. Also, you can always join one of our committees, fraternities or sororities. Due to a good mix of bible and entertainment centered activities, Ichthus is the place to develop yourself, grow in faith, and make friends for life!

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Lighthouse is an online peer support platform for tackling academics, mental health, and physical challenges. It aims to provide support and a secure community in your university life to provide a healthier and connected student experience.

Navigators Network Eindhoven

As a network, Navigators are a small group of Christian students who aim to be the light of the city of light. They want to deepen their relationship with Jesus and make him known to the people around them.

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SA Salaam

This association aims to represent the Islam and the Muslims on the TU/e campus, by serving them on both religious as academic affairs. They organize evenings together and activities to engage the Muslim community.

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Their main goal is the support of students in their personal development. With the help of workshops, trainings and individual guidance, they aim to help you find the answers to all the challenges life has to offer.

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Vegan Student Association Eindhoven

The newest member of FISO, who focuses on the vegan lifestyle. By sharing recipes, organising potlucks and events, this vegan association forms a community where everyone is welcome to join their activities when they are interested!

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Our Board

The FISO board for the academic year of 2023-2024 consists of:

  • Esther van Pelt
    Chair of the 3rd Board of FISO
  • Gerben Vroegindeweij
    Secretary of the 3rd Board of FISO
  • Niels Gorter
    Treasurer of the 3rd Board of FISO
  • Matthias Boersma
    External Affairs Officer of the 3rd Board of FISO
  • Supervised by the Supervisory Council